Citation II Air Ambulance

Citation II Air Ambulance

Affordable & Flexible

There have been more Cessna Citation II's built than any other business aircraft. It is perhaps the safest most reliable airplane in existence today. It is capable of operating out of airports with short runways so even remote locations are accessible.

IIn terms of performance, the Citation II cruises at 350 Knots or 420 Miles Per Hour at altitudes up to 43,000 feet with a range of approximately 1,400 nautical miles.

Air Ambulance Mission Performance

The combination of reliability, performance, and accessibility to remote locations makes the Citation II ideal for the air ambulance mission. Additionally, Heartland crew members have significant experience in flying demanding air ambulance missions. We stand ready whenever fixed wing transport is needed.

Heartland is pleased to offer the Citation II at very competitive charter rates. Contact our flight operations manager Stacy Husby today for a quote at 800-767-3181.